the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry

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must be the season of the bitch

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Sans makeup I am still a bug #selfie #redhair #nomakeup #iclashwitheverythingpink


I made a Little Mortmaid.

Now, to wait for Pixar to call.

Or for anyone to call.  So lonely.

So very, very completely alone.

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speaking as a semi-neutral party:

meat eaters who taunt non-meat eaters or post about how great and gratifying animal slaughter is are just as annoying as militant vegans

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i just started watching angel and i forgot how much i absolutely worship cordelia chase

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i wanna watch salem but it looks way too heterosexual

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Happy Easter!

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the weather was amazing today and i felt like i was coming back to life 

i bought some stones and crystals at the street fair and this amazing pyramid thing that’s made from stone but i’m not sure what kind yet and it was super warm and this punk dude made a fake phone call while i was writing my thesis next to him in the park to try to get my attention i think and it was really really funny and idk today was just really good i really needed some time alone and it has been amazing

i was walking around earlier and the tribeca festival is gonig on and i saw the guy who plays kili in the hobbit

and guys hes lying to us

hes like at LEAST as tall as i am hes not a dwarf AT ALL

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